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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Our Story

Founded in September 2022, Better4You is a for-profit company that assists our customers in expanding their skillset. We offer different packages and subscriptions that include instructions, materials needed, and discounts. With technology becoming a bigger part of peoples’ lives, the desire for people to improve their skills that are not related to technology is decreasing. Better4You gives people a chance to increase their knowledge and become more well-rounded. At some point in life, the repetitive baking, watching TikToks, and playing video games gets old. Would it not be great if you could expand your skill set? This could be done in your own home. You will be sent the materials to begin your journey of becoming a better version of yourself. In the VE market, we are one of the few companies with a product that allows you to not only receive goods, but these goods can be used to learn, engage in a new activity, and learn. Better4You dedicates itself to creating boxes sent conveniently to your house to develop or fine-tune any skill of your choice.

Our Investors

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